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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Questions to Ask prior hiring the Contractor/Interior Designer

Here are some of the interview questions which I have fielded prior awarding them the renovation project.

1) What types of theme do you specialize in?

Like any other artist, they are better at certain style for various reason. Someone who is good at retro may find it hard to relate in Bali resort style. So let them tell you what they like to do. Any Contractor/ID who claim they are good at any style is definitely lying.

2)How many clients are you handling right now?

Obviously if the Contractor/ID is so busy with other works right now, they may not have the time and bandwidth for your project. Ask yourself whether if you are willing to wait. If the Contractor/ID still insists on taking the project, remember to set down guidelines and ground rules on what is acceptable and what is not. This helps to manage exceptions for both parties. However, the Contractor/ID might lapse in deadlines and compromise their quality of work if they are too stretched in resources. Ask yourself are you willing to take such a risk?

3) What is your work style?

All of us function differently. Some are into details and would want schedules and deadlines to be penned down in paper and prefer to be very much involved in the entire renovation process. While others prefer to adopt a hand-off apporach. Find out the Contractor/ID working style and ask yourself if you are comfortable with it.

4) Can I visit your current and past client's place?

By looking at the current project the prospective Contractor/ID is working on, you can have a good idea of the kind of work he is delivering. If the Contractor/ID is able to hook you up with his past clients, this is a very strong indication of his good working relationship with his customers which lasted even after the project has been completed.

5) This question is directed to yourself: Do I have any chemistry with the Contractor/ID?

What is most important is the chemistry between you and the Contractor/ID. A good Contractor/ID listens to your needs and translate that into your design and a solid partnership will help tide through the difficult times when conflicts arrives.

6)  This question is directed to yourself:  Does the Contractor/ID criticises other customers in front of me?
If so, it's a warning sign. If he/she does not respect his clients' privacy, most likely he will do the same to you for other clients.

Before letting them sign along the dotted line...remember to do some search and background checks in the internet. Make sure that their company is sound and there are no complaints against the Company or towards the Contractor/ID whom you are about to hire.

I believe that we all have to be diligent when it comes to hiring anyone. Its always better be safe than sorry.

I hope this list has provided some guidance as you consider your prospective Contractor/ID. :)

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