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Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's your budget?

Many people set aside money for renovation. However, most neglect the other critical aspect when doing up their dream home: furnishing and essential household appliances.

To sum up, the big dream home project makes up of the following components:

1. Renovation (which includes painting of walls, adding shifting of lighting points etc)
2. Furnishing (furniture, curtains/blinds etc)
3. Household appliances (washing appliances, TV, fridge etc)

I have seen people dumping as much as S$70k in the renovation and left little for furnishing and thus, the end result is pretty lopsided. Remember, renovation only setup a "base"; only with appropriate furnishing that the character of the place will be brought out.
Last thing to note is that usually people tend to exceed their budget by 20%-30% on average. Thus, keep this in mind. ;)

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