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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Common renovation FAQs

I have consolidated the most commonly asked renovation questions and listed them down. Here are some questions which you might have in the following areas:

1. Installation of Aircons
Is the cost of wiring and rewiring inclusive when you purchase the aircon package?

The cost of aircon wiring and rewiring is always inclusive together with the air con equipment. For instance, a standard LG model costs around $1600 with installation. There is nothing to be happy with the "free gift" (wiring/rewiring) provided together with the aircon as the cost is already together with the aircon. Nothing is free.

2. Installation of bathroom accessories & lighting points
Do we need to pay for the installation of bathroom and lighting points?

This can be negotiable. You can discuss with the contractor to install these items free of charge at your house. Btw, when the contractors said they will bring you to the shop to buy bathroom items, do not agree and follow them. This is another way of hidden costs appearing, as contractors may earn commission from there. Take note. The same goes with the lighting points and bulb. Get these items yourself and ask the contractor to install for you.

3. Additional Electrical Point
What is the cost of electrical power point?

Each additional electrical power point in the market nowadays is between S$60-S$70. A 2 way switch installation only costs around S$40 for lighting point. Each installation of new lighting point is between S$30-S$40, some contractor may quoted more than $50 per point. If for any reasons you need to ask the contractor to disconnect the power point after it has been done, take note that additional costs will be incurred.

4. Painting
What is the cost of engaging professional painting services?

The cost of painting is between S$1100 - S$1600. The painting package should usuallyconsists of 5 colors.

5. Gas piping
What do I do to get the gas connected?

The contractor will liaise with City Gas for work to be done at the cost of S$70 per trip. As for the connection of gas piping to the cooker hood, it would be done separately on another day. The bill for the gas piping will be sent to you by the PUB and not the contractor.

6. Clearing of debris and haulage
What is the cost of haulage?

The standard cost for clearing of debris and haulage is around S$215 inclusive of GST. Some contractors will quote you more than S$500 and do not get convinced by them! Some lame excuses they will give is that they have to rent a lorry to collect debris, which is not true. The lorry will be provided by HDB. The contractor only need to pay HDB S$215 and everything will be done properly.

7. Renovation Permit
Do we need to pay for the renovation permit?

The cost of renovation permit is usually absorbed by your contractor. This is the market practice.

8. Chemical Wash
What is Chemical Wash? What is it for?

Chemical wash is also known as acid wash at the cost of S$95-S$150. This done once or twice depending on the arrangement between contractor and owner. This only done after painting, flooring works are completed and before the completion of carpentry. Chemical wash is supposed to be cleaner than normal wash.

9. Hidden Cost
What are the hidden costs of renovation?

Alteration of designs or change in use of raw material. When such a situation happens, ask your contractor to explain the reason for the change. Then, judge for yourself whether the change is reasonable. Refer to this post for more details on hidden costs.

10. Lastly before you sign...

Take note that during the time of signing, the quotation does not include detailed specifications of all materials used. So its the best to tell your contractor to state every item as clearly as possible (ie. the dimension as well as the type of floor tiles given).

Note: All prices quoted is in SGD. :)

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