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Monday, January 26, 2015

Xiaxue's House Tour Part 2

Xiaxue, the infamous local Singaporean blogger, has finally given us a glimpse of the rest of her newly renovated place. For the benefit of the uninitiated, I have actually covered Part I in my last post.

Xiaxue is really extremely fortunate to have sponsors' help to maker her dream home come true. While I was doing up place place years ago, Mr Diva and myself have to scope down our renovation tremendously due to our budget constraints. 7 years on, except for a mountain bike rack and Ximula storage cabinets, our place still looks pretty much the same. :(
Our attempts to kick start another renovation mini journey to enhance our place fell flat on our faces. The nonchalant attitudes of the renovation professionals means that they either "forgot" or took too long to followup. Furthermore, our hectic working schedules are also part of the reasons why my 101 renovation enhancement plan still lay languish in our drawers. 

Okay lar, enough of my rumblings. On to Xiaxue's ...or perhaps every gal's dream house. :)

Part 1 (recap)

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