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Friday, November 7, 2014

Open House organised by Interior Design firms

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Have been attending a few open houses hosted by a few Interior Companies lately. Not that we are renovating our place...which we would if  we have the spare cash to do so! 

Well, Mr Diva and myself has been entrusted with a renovation project by our loved one...and thus we have been arming ourselves with the latest renovation news and happenings. Hopefully, we can help to make the renovation journey a smooth one for her.

The last few rounds were very useful and insightful. I would strongly encourage homeowners to attend these open houses because you get to:
1. See the actual workmanship and quality of the material provided by the Interior Company;
2. Mingle and talk to different Interior Designers at the same time;
3. Be inspired by the various different design themes;
4. Find out more on the prices, especially on the special Packages are usually offered.*

* However, I strongly advise not to sign up on the spot. Remember to do your homework and compare different packages offered before making any decisions. Try to bargain before signing anything.

Nonetheless, the open house could have been better:

1. Spread the number of people attending the Open House in different batches; this is mainly for crowd control as the flat is usually too small to fit in so many people!
2. Brief and detail what was done to the homeowners upfront instead of waiting to be asked; this helps to cut down the time spent in the flat;
3. Some Interior Designers in their haste to get the Open House ready simply forgot to prepare the unit properly; examples include leaving behind ugly stickers, unfinished silicons and this will affect the homeowners impression of their workmanship. Hummm....This really defects the purpose of "putting their best foot forward" isn't it?

Well, have you attended any Open House lately? Do share your thoughts!

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