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Monday, January 6, 2014

Portable car cum general purpose washer

Mr diva got himself a gigantic 14 Liters CBS portable pressure car washer (non-battery operated) equipped withair pressure gauge and footpads . Here is a short vid to demonstrate the product I am referring to.

It comes with 1 towel, 1 bear sponge, 1 brush with spary nozzle, 1 spary nozzle, 2 rubber ring, 2 brushes and 2 packs of car wash powder.

I use this car cum general purpose washer to wash the windows, window ledges, toilets and so on. The water pressure is strong enough to perform light cleaning, like clearing away the debris stuck at the hard to reach places at the window ledges (to be done during rainy days though) and washing of our corridor doors.

New home owners will find this useful when they want to perform a final wash after the chemical wash is complete. 

 Pretty handy I must say. ;)

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