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Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 Design Tips for Small Rooms

10 Design Tips for Small Rooms

How should you utilise small living areas? Here are some quick tips.

1) Utilise your walls!
Aside from hanging photos and pictures, walls are a great place for creating storage! Refer to my Pinterest Board for some wall storage ideas.
2) Compact your furniture!
There are a few space saving furniture solutions in the market. Check out these videos of Slumbershelves (a space saving solution which conceals a full sized bed behind shelves) and Deskappear (desks which can be hidden away when not required) in this post.


3) Maximise the bay window space Maximise the usage of the bay window by making it easy for anyone to read and relax. Check out the bay window solution in this post.
4) Choose a light color scheme
This is a tried a tested advice - bright and light colors make any room appear brighter. Steer clear from dark colors.
5) Knock down walls
To maximise your space, knock down unnecessary walls to let more natural light in to make the room appear brighter and bigger.
6) Lighting
Ensure adequate lighting especially at night. Avoid standing wall lamps since it will clutter up the small areas - use wall mounted lamps instead.
7) Mirrors
Mirrors create illusion of space in small rooms and helps to bring in natural light in the day and reflect the artificial light at night. Use big mirrors for maximum effect.
8) Use "Ghost" Furniture
Glass or acrylic tables and chairs create an illusion of an open and free space. This is because they will allow light to filter through the furniture and makes the room appear brighter. Refer to my Pinterest board for some photos.

9) Declutter
Make it a habit to declutter the area by removing unwanted items and keep the room neat and tidy.
10) Keep colors of the furnishing to the minimum.
Contrasting colors will make the room appear smaller and chaotic. Use of monochrome colors or colors in the same color wheel family to spice up your room instead.
There you have it! 10 ideas for small rooms. :)

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