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Monday, December 26, 2011

10 Tips for Decorating your Bathroom

10 Tips for Decorating your Bathroom*

* Kindly note that this is the summarised version. Do grab your 1st issue of living@HOME to read the actual article. ;)

  1. Apply non-slip coating over existing floors (vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, laminates, hardwood and natural stones) such as shower cubicles; 

  2. Ensure adequate ventlation and natural lighting to prevent mould;

  3. Augment general lighting with "task lighting" to facilitate tasks such as makeup and shaving;

  4. Make use of all the available space in the room for storage (i.e. beneath the basin, behind the mirror);

  5. Conserve water consumption by making use of dual flush toilet cistern; conserve electricity by making use of the LED lighting;

  6. Always try on the toilet bowl before buying it; enlongated bowls and seats are usually more comfortable;

  7. Always try out the bathtub before buying it; check the back and lip of the bath for comfort; if you cant accommodate the a full-length bath, consider an extra deep one;

  8. Avoid drilling through the tiles, which can crack easily, as much as possible choose fittings that doesn't require drilling; or drill in between the tiles;

  9. Install an air freshener;

10. Color coordinate bath towels, toiletries and fittings;

11.** Install a small wall clock, shaver or hair dryer holders.

** Extra recommendations. :)

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