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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Private Residential Property Renovation Tips from Singapore Government websites

  Before you begin renovating your house, the following are some points or guidelines you need to know.
Renovation Work
Sanitary Work
Electrical Work
Air-conditioning Work
Fire Safety
Gas Service
Window Safety & Maintenance

Guidelines For Renovation Work
  Private residential properties would generally include landed houses, apartment buildings, condominium, cluster housing and residential units in a mixed development.

Renovation works in private homes would constitute one of the following:

- additions and alterations to existing landed dwelling houses
- additions and alterations to existing apartments or existing residential units of strata-subdivided buildings
- reconstruction of existing landed dwelling houses

Not all renovation works would require approval of plans from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). There are some building works, which are minor in nature, that are exempted from approval. A list of the exempted works is given in 'The Schedule' of the Building Control Act, and is reflected herewith.
- Exemption From Approval For Minor Building Works And Alterations To Residential Buildings

Where the proposed building works are not exempted, building plans will have to be submitted by a Qualified Person to the Commissioner of Building Control for approval. The following are some information on the requirements for approval of building plans. The normal submission system applies to all sorts of renovation works for private homes, while the simplified submission system applies only to additions and alterations to landed houses.
- Works Not Requiring BCA Approval
- Application For Approval Of Building Plans Under The Normal Submission System
- Application For Approval Of Building Plans Under The Simplified Submission System

Besides submission of building plans, structural plans submission would also be necessary if there are structural works involved in the proposed renovation. The following outlines the requirements to procure approval of the structural plans.

- Application For Approval Of Structural Plans

No building works shall commence until a permit to carry out building works is obtained from the Commissioner of Building Control. The grant of this permit can only be considered after the structural plans are approved. Where there are no structural works involved, the application for a permit is based on the approval of building plans instead. The following are the requirements on the application for a permit to carry out building works.

- Application For A Permit To Carry Out Building Works

Upon completion of the renovation works, a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) or a Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) will have to be obtained for the occupation of the completed building. The issuance of CSC by the Commissioner of Building Control would legally conclude the completion of the renovation project. The following are the requirements to procure a TOP and a CSC.

- Application For Occupation Of Completed Building Works

Whether the renovation works require approval of building plans from the BCA or not, owners should also check for the need to obtain clearances from other authorities or compliance with caveats and by-laws which may apply to their premises, including rules and regulations adopted by the management corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions On :
  Here are some frequently asked questions on:
- Building Plans
- Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) / Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC)
- What are the renovation works which are allowed in the shelter?
Guidelines For Sanitary Work
  A all sanitary works are required to be carried out by a Registered Sanitary Plumber (RP).

Please click here for the list of
licensed sanitary plumber.
Guidelines For Electrical Work
  Before you begin your electrical work installation to your home, your are required to engage a PUB licensed electrical contractor to carry out the electrical work in your house.

Please click here for a
licensed electrical contractor.

You also required to apply the electrical work permit for certain types of electrical work if required. Please click here
for the Electrical Work Permit Form.
- Electrical Safety
Guidelines For Air-conditioning Work
  All air-conditioning works do not require approval of plans or a permit to carry out the works. However, the installation of supports for air-conditioning units on the exterior of all buildings except landed houses must be carried out by a trained installer.

Please click here for a list of
trained licensed air-condition installer.

Other Useful Information
- Legislation Of Air-con Units
- Methods Of Retrofitting
- Frequently Asked Questions
Please click here for further enquiry on Installation of Aircon Brackets.
Guidelines For Fire Safety
  Any person who wishes to commence or carry out any proposed fire safety works in any building shall apply in accordance with the Regulations made under the Fire Safety Act to the Fire Safety and Shelter Bureau for approval of the plans of the fire safety works. Such plans shall be prepared and submitted by Qualified Persons (QPs) which are registered architects or professional engineers.

Please click here for
detail submission procedures.
Guidelines For Gas Service
  Any installation or alteration of gas piping, you are required to engage a Licensed Gas Service worker (LGSW) to carry out job.

Please click here for a list of
Licensed Gas Service worker (LGSW).
- Gas Safety
Guidelines For Window Safety
  For any installation or alteration of Windows, you are required to engage a Trained Windows Contractors.

For a list of Trained Windows Contractors, please
click here.
- Frequently Asked Questions On Windows
Extracted from BCA site.

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