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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Digital Lock Part 2

That is right! Samsung provides an astonishingly big selection of digital locks to fulfill our needs. Their product ranges from basic entry level to the most sophisticated digital locks with biometrics fingerprint digital lock.

I have spoken to a few retailers who carry Samsung as one of their leading digital lock solutions. They argued that since Samsung is a technology giant in Asia (especially in Korea); their digital lock solutions should be one of the best. They also claimed that almost 70-80% Koreans are using Samsung digital locks (this claim has yet to be proven though - sounds like sale talk to me).

Nonetheless, here is the link to the Samsung digital lock product.

Personally, I run into quite a few problems with Samsung handphones (3 models in fact) and Samsung computer and display screens - all only within months of usage. Thus, I was quite skeptical of the quality of Samsung products and would not want to recommend any in my post here. :P

Nonetheless, I will followup with yet another leading digital lock provider in my next post. :)

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