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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Directory of Shops: Wall decals!

Directory of Shops: Wall decals!

Why not spice them up with wall decals? Wall decals are quick and efficient ways to brighten and make your walls more interesting! :)


You might be wondering, what exactly are wall decals? Well, think of them as wall tattoos. Or decorative stickers designed to be applied to walls. There are a vast number of different styles , patterns available in all sorts of colors in the market. Custom decals are also available upon request by various companies. They are easy to apply (you can even do it yourself) but professional application is recommended if the wall decal covers a huge area.

Wall decals are intended to be removable. However, I only recommend them on glass or tiles since removing them from painted walls might be very tricky and in some cases, paint may also be removed.

Nonetheless, here is a list of companies which sell wall decals. :)
01. Paintless Design
02. Wall Slicks

03. Whatisblik


05. Create A Mural


06. Supernice

07. Vinyl Wall Art

08. Slick sticks

09. Super nice

10. Wall Glamour

11. Stickjoy

12. Wink Play

13. Modishop

Note: I think that winkplay and modishop are local (i.e Singaporean) companies. :)

*Edit: Removed obsolete sites*

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Greycat said...

Great work!!! Just wanna say thanks as I been sourcing for wall decals myself for new hse. I oni manage to find the 2 local companies & was wondering if I cld find other designs. Im terrible @ googling....

Well, time to start exploring the links u gathered. :)

Anonymous said...

cclim said...

One more:

Unknown said...

Love the charming tree! It would be perfect in my little girl's room redo coming wall decals

Wall Slicks said...

Hi from Wall Slicks. Love your article and blog. Thanks for linking to us here. just wondering...can you change the link to wallslicks{dot}com instead of modernwallgraphics{dot}com? And we will put a link to your blog on our Buzz page. Thanks!

Diva said...

Hi Wall Slicks, thanks for informing me that the link was outdated. And many thanks for adding my blog in you Buzz page! :)

Anonymous said...

May wish to buy from Maxim International Wall DEco located at 16A Jiak Chuan Road 2nd Storey. Had a good buy with them and satisfactory work done. They do have thousands of designs to choose from.Saw them on facebook shared page