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Thursday, February 7, 2008

ID review: Cactus Art Design and Furnishing

Cactus Art Design and Furnishing

Sevices: 2/10
Pricing: 0/10
Workmanship: Nil

The designer called me one day and introduced herself. I requested her to email me a quotation for me to go throu before meeting up. She seemed friendly enuff...but then..

The Good- I like her wet and dry kitchen concept.

The Bad- She did not follow up after that call. No email...nothing... I had to sms her to set up an appointment...and she took exactly one week to reply my sms.
- Noone bothered to attend to us when we entered the place. I called her and she never picked up as she was still having her lunch (apparently she has totally forgotten about us).
- She misplaced our floorplan and took ages to find it.
- She passed us the wrong quotation and when she finally gave us the right one, she left out quite a few critical things.
- She did up a budget close to 40k although we already stated that we are looking at a budget of 16k.
- She was still munching on her food and talked to us with her mouth full. My hubby was totally disgusted and upset that he had to drive all the way down to look at such an exploded budget.
- Requests for handdrawn perspective is turned down. Not even doodles...
- Can't communicate the design beyond the 2D space planning.

- Damn. Wasted our time. :(

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